Ban Impose on 30 Medical Colleges for MBBS Admissions

Lahore, New academic session in all medical colleges across the country is about to start. The medical colleges are granting admission to the new candidates in their colleges. PMDC has imposed ban on 30 medical colleges including Shahaeed Benazir Bhutto Medical College Karachi throughout the country to grant admission to the students. There are about 5 medical colleges in Punjab, 3 medical colleges in Sindh and 5 medical colleges in KPK on which ban is imposed for grant of admission to the candidates. Pakistan Medical and Dental Council has also warned the candidates and their parents they should beware of such type of college, where number of student is more than 100 and the annual charges are also exceeded to Rs.6 lac. There are 19 medical college, which have been granted registration in one day and the investigations are being carried out that how all these medical colleges are granted registration in one day.


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