Updates of dates of SAT test and Scores

The students should stop worrying and visit this page as we bring all the necessary details of test and scores of SAT for all those who are searching and want to get admission in the SAT test. The colleges of USA require the SAT test to be taken before admission in order to have fair assessment about the student. The department of the College observes the interest of the student by following things, first of all from the  interest of the student in the subjects which he/she attends, how good marks has he/she obtained in that selected subject. The year in which the SAT test was conducted for the first time is 1926 and afterwards millions of students were seen appearing in this test and continued their higher studies. It is very important for the students to have improved skills of critical thinking which will be very useful for them in the SAT test.

SAT Test Dates are as follows:

  1. October 6 2012
  2. October 3 2012
  3. December 1 2012
  4. January 26 2012
  5. March 9 2013
  6. May 4 2013
  7. June 1 2013

SAT online scores dates are as follows:

  1. October 25 2012
  2. November 22 2012
  3. December 20 2012
  4. February 14 2014
  5. March 28 2013
  6. June 20 2013

More about the SAT Test:

The duration of the SAT test is 3 hours 45 minutes which is conducted in the whole world for 7 seven times during a year and which has following sections:

  • Three Mathematics section(duration is  70 minutes)
  • Three Critical Reading section of (duration of 70 minutes)
  • Three Test Writing sections(duration of 60 minutes)
  • Variable section with reading or writing and Mathematics sections all three combine(duration of 25 minutes)

As we provided you the complete details of the SAT test above there are reading, mathematics and writing sections.


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